MLS Listings in Canada

A real estate brokerage company has claimed a market first for making the first ever licensed marijuana commercial real estate listings in Canada. Vancouver Commercial Brokers Corporation states that this new listing in the country is going to help the rapidly growing sector to gain nationwide recognition and establish their own brands within a first-of-a-kind resource of companies in the legal cannabis industry. The partnership was sealed last month when the two firms signed an agreement to develop and market an exclusive website together. The site will function as the main interface between the cannabis business and a potential investor base. The company’s aim is to make their listings available to investors who are either already a part of the cannabis industry or looking to enter it.

Opening the Door to the Future of Real Estate Investing

While Canadians can benefit from a stable economy and a sound banking system, they also stand to take advantage of a hot housing market and a diverse population base. The MLS Listings in Canada program offers investors a convenient means of shopping for property based on square footage and location, as well as national origin. While the government continues to evaluate the impact of legalized marijuana, Canadians can enjoy a booming realtor industry while enjoying a stable, open economy.

Although it is still early days for the government in Canada to decide if they will actually regulate the marijuana industry, the opening of the first two licensed marijuana “stores” in Vancouver has sparked the interests of both the Canadian government and Canadian realtors to consider how they can capitalize from the ever-changing housing market in Canada. If the country follows suit with similar moves, Canada will be well on its way to becoming the new American state where people can openly invest in pot-based businesses without worrying about government intervention. As a matter of fact, many prominent Americans who have relocated to Canada over the past decade or so have purchased condominiums in Vancouver in order to capitalize from this unique housing market in Canada.

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