How Does House Raising Work?

house raising

House raising is a necessary activity for every homeowner as it is a stage of creating a legal document that will govern the relationship between a homeowner and the rest of the community or house owners. House raising is nothing but the process of raising a particular building from its original foundation and then temporarily raising it to a higher level with hydraulic crane jacks. The temporary raising of the building is the prelude to the construction of a permanent structure. There are various types of raising services that are available and one of the most popular and common ways of raising the house is by using the hydraulic system that provides you with a much easier, faster and effective way of raising the house.

How to Do House Raising Work?

House raising is very important because it is a method of waterproofing your basement. Basement waterproofing is of utmost importance, especially if you live in a place where water regularly rises from the ground into your house. You need to keep an eye on the situation and take necessary preventive measures in order to prevent flooding in your basement. House raising can be a difficult task, but when it comes to this, you should make sure that you hire a professional service that will not only perform the task properly but also help you raise the house to the right height. There are various types of services and methods that are used for house raising, and you can hire a team that offers you different services and methods that will help you build the house at the right height and location according to your preference.

When you hire a team for house raising, they will make use of several different types of lifting equipments such as scissor lifts, hydraulic cylinder lifts and helical piles to elevate the house from one floor to another. In order to install the hydraulic cylinder, you will have to create a foundation for the house. This foundation is made by digging out a hole that is as deep as required for the foundation of the house. After creating the foundation, the house raising team will then raise the house from the ground using the scissor lift or the helical piles system. One of the main disadvantages of the helical piles system is that they can only be used for small houses. On the other hand, the scissor lift system can be used for medium to large sized homes.

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