Fitzsimons Restaurant or Fitzroy Restaurant?

fitzroy restaurant

The Fitzsimons, or Fitzsimons as they are sometimes known, have a fitzroy restaurant that is located in the heart of Paris, in the Etoile de Paris. For many years it has been the recognised authority on French food and wine in the whole of France. This means that the food is world class and tastes much better than you’d get at any other place in the world. Indeed, if I was in Paris and I wanted a good French meal, I would always head down to Fitzsimons.

Which the best Fitzsimons Restaurant or Fitzroy Restaurant?

There are two types of French restaurants that you can go to when in Paris, both of which are very good. The first is called La Fortuna where the chefs take their inspiration from many different areas of France, including Champagne, Gascony, Bordeaux and a whole host of other French culinary specialities. The food is often extravagant, and the service is magnificent. The other type of French restaurant that you can visit is called La Trattoria and it is based in the right hand side of the River Seine in Paris. It is a very old establishment that is often frequented by both Parisian expats and tourists and is famous for its fabulous cuisine, as well as a great collection of bottled wines that it serves.

In both of these restaurants you can expect to pay the Euro as a dining price, although depending on where you go, you may find that other types of foods are more expensive. Either way though, you should not be paying too much money for a meal at either of these fantastic restaurants. My recommendation would be to take your own food and drinks to the place and then order it when you have it. This way, you will make sure that the food is delivered to your table hot and fresh, and you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurant and the staff. You can’t go wrong with either of these restaurants, and if you are planning a holiday in Paris or in the surrounding area, I would recommend that you either go to La Fortuna or to La Trattoria.

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