Lighting and Lamp Guides

The illumination industry is full of similar-sounding terms, phrases, and designs. In fact, many people confuse light pipes with light guides. While they both have similar characteristics, the differences between the two are vast. Let’s examine these two key components and how they differ. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when selecting a lighting or lamp guide: (i) Consider the light guide’s design. A good lighting or lamp guide should accommodate the type of light source. Click Here –

Types of Lighting and Lamp Guides

Using a light guide is the most efficient way to direct light from the source to the point of use. It can illuminate areas too small, or too hazardous for light bulbs. Also called a “light pipe,” these devices are widely used in medical applications and in heat transfer. Liquid light guides have a flexible outer sheath and a light-conducting liquid core sealed with quartz windows. The latter type is best for applications where the LED is mounted behind the front panel.

Lighting and Lamp Guides are made of glass. They can be customized to match the lighting scheme. The manufacturer offers different lengths of light guide panels to fit any space. For example, a light guide panel with a length of 100 cm should be enough for the average-sized office. A light guide panel made of pure PMMA resin or transparent acrylic is ideal for general interior lighting applications. These panels contain dots evenly spread throughout, with smaller dots close to the light source.

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